Zooz Tattooz Kustom Ink of Portsmouth

ZOOZ Kustom Apparel

We are now the sole stockist of the in-house brand ZOOZ Kustom Apparel. You can buy the Trademark Emblem print, on a t shirt of vest sizes S-XXL, and the Skullwing design in S-XXL T shirts.

Its been a very busy couple of weeks for tattooing as well, lots of big work going on, and diary’s booked up for weeks. But still the odd appointment dotted about for walk ins.

So come on down for a chat and get yourself booked in for some epic kustom ink, and some unique kustom apparel.


We're happy to design and create your perfect tattoo, re-work an existing bad tattoo or use the design you have chosen to give you a tattoo that your'e proud of.