Zooz Tattooz Kustom Ink of Portsmouth

The Shop

We are an award winning Kustom street shop in the heart of Portsmouth’s Naval area; Portsea. We work in all tattoo styles and are happy to design and create any tattoo you can think of. Having been a tattoo shop for over 30 years the shop is proud to have tattooed sailors from many Countries and from our own Royal Navy and Marines. Now modernised and only using the very latest tattoo equipment, state of the art pigments and sterilisation equipment we strive to excel in all we do. We are fully licensed with the Portsmouth Health Authority and work hard at maintaining a professional and friendly shop. Feel free to pop in for a free consultation and a cuppa.

Zooz Kustom Ink Tattoos Tattooz Emblem

Kustom Design

At Zooz Tattooz we pride ourselves on being a premier Kustom studio and work hard at creating a tattoo that you will be proud of. All our tattoos are designed in house and pre drawn for your approval and pricing. We welcome any ideas that you might have and we will advise on what will work well and what might not work so well. A good starting point is to pop in to the studio for a chat and look through our many books and albums to help you start to develop your design. However, if you have already got some drawings or pictures that’s great as well.

The Rules

As a registered tattoo shop, staff at Zooz place health and safety at the forefront of their practice.  Zooz also works within current legislation and respects the law regarding age, consent and the tattooing of minor’s.  This means that you must be over the age of 18 to consent to a tattoo and you might be asked for proof of your age.  Don’t be offended by this, and see it as a compliment that you look so young.  In terms of what we will and will not tattoo; this is down to the discretion of the tattooist who will decline to carryout the work if you appear intoxicated or if the tattoo is likely to be something that you will regret.

We're happy to design and create your perfect tattoo, re-work an existing bad tattoo or use the design you have chosen to give you a tattoo that your'e proud of.