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  • Myk’s Back!

    So, Myk is back from his week off, and there’s a few spaces this week for bookings into his £100 for 3 hours offer, and is available for walk-ins and piercings.

    Myk is doing more work on a tribal full sleeve for Russ today, and tomorrow more Japanese sleeve work on Matt.

    And Jim this week has, a gypsy girl portrait a huge black and grey dragon and some work on a new Aztec sleeve to name a few. Keep checking for photos!     /Joe

  • The End of A Very Busy Week

    Its been a very busy week, with Jim being fully booked, and Myk being fully booked bar 1 day.

    Its been manic, drawing custom designs everyday, and Jim doing 2 portraits in one week, mixed in with a few walk-ins and piercings.

    Today’s picture is a huge piece of iron maiden artwork on Mark’s back that Myk is finishing off today, a great end to this week!     /Joe

  • Happy Valentines Day

    Myk is busy today spreading the love today through the median of shading Matt’s Japanese sleeve!

    Meanwhile Jim is busy with having his well earned birthday holiday, but hes back tomorrow as usual.

    Myself and Scott are here all day to help you out with any ideas you have and if you wanna book in for any custom tattoos you want, so pop in and immerse yourself in the Zooz Tattooz love!     /Joe

  • Happy Birthday Jimbo!

    It’s Jim’s birthday today, so just Myk in the shop today.

    And hes busy tattooing a tribal/celtic hybrid style piece on Jon’s upper arm for a good few hours, but feel free to come in to chat about any ideas you’ve got and book in.

    Just a shout out to Jim to have a great birthday and we will see you when you’re back on Wednesday!

  • Full Colour Chest Piece

    Another fully booked day for Jim yesterday, ending with a couple of hours work into this very impressive colour chest piece on the lovely Anita.

    The rest of this week is looking very busy, but give us a call on: 07599822787 to see if we can fit you in with Myk who is still offering his special deal of 3 Hours for £100.

    Or come in the shop, have a cup of tea, talk to us about your design and get yourself booked in!     /Joe

  • Myk Special Deal Available Today

    Myk is offering a deal today of £100 for 3 hours in the chair.

    Give Myk a call on:07599822787

    09 Feb 2012

  • Welcome to the New Website

    Zooz Tattooz Kustom Ink of Portsmouth welcome you to the new website.

    Checkout the portfolios and feel free to pop into the shop, email or give us a call to make an appointment.

    Shop opening hours Mon – Sat: 10.30 – 18.00

    Tel: 07599822787

  • Portsmouth Tattoo Convention 28/29 July 2012

    Tickets are on sale from the shop for the Portmsouth tattoo Convention.

    Prices are £10 per ticket per day.

    The convention is taking place at the Portmsouth Guildhall and doors open at 11.00.

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