Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

  • A New Look

    Its almost April and we’ve been working on the new look for the shop, now we have our epic new emblem which is now going to represent ZOOZ from now on.

    We have stickers, we have price tags, and were going to have t shirts of it, so get used to the regular sight of it!.

    Its been a very manic week, and the shop is getting more and more busy, so check out the new award winning work on our facebook, and soon to be on the website portfolios!     /Joe

  • ZOOZ Or Nothing!

    We are now an official stockist of Monster Energy drink, and the ONLY tattoo shop in the world that will be stocking the new line of All Or Nothing Apparel.

    Come down and book in for some awesome ink and so equally epic t shirts and vests, (all £12) there’s limited stock so its first come and first serve.

    And keep your eyes out for the new Zooz Kustom Apparel t shirts coming soon!

    / Joe

  • We Gon’ Got T-Shirts!

    As you can see we got some crew t shirts made up, and were getting a few made up for sale to anyone that wants them! Lots of new stock of healing creams and refreshments in as well to keep up with the high demand.

    Its been a manic week, full of late night finishes. Loads of new photos up on our Facebook page of Myk, Jim and Scott working.  And finished photos of the tattoos are available on Myk’s And Jim’s Facebook pages, so check ’em out.

    Oh, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve coming out in the next month or two, so keep your eyes wide open, and your ears honed in!     /Joe

  • March is Upon Us

    Its already the third month of the new year, spring is almost here so you guys need to get down and book your tattoos in, so they’re ready to show off in the summer!

    Its been a busy week for everyone, and walk-in availability is getting more rare, so get down and book yourself in to be sure you get your tattoo sooner than late, and we will draw you up your perfect custom design.

    Myk’s special 3 hours for £100 offer is still going if you quote: ‘BigMac’ so come in for your free coffee and consultation.    /Joe

We're happy to design and create your perfect tattoo, re-work an existing bad tattoo or use the design you have chosen to give you a tattoo that your'e proud of.